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About Seo Michigan Services

We are a boutique digital marketing agency based out of Michigan. Our team is one of the smartest and the main idea is to give you affordable digital marketing packages with the best services that one can get.


We have our back offices in India and we also have tie ups with the local SEO wizards from Netherlands and California.


We have many satisfied clients for all of our services across the globe.



We believe in the power of design, the strength of strategy, and the ability of technology to transform businesses and lives.


    1.We can get you on the first page of Google.

    2.References across the globe.

    3.Top rankings for a very competitive industry.

    4.We only adhere to white hat SEO techniques.

    5.We have an experienced team for google maps marketing.



We create premium designs, technology, ecommerce, mobile and digital campaigns.


Consider the scenario. You have implemented SEO for your website. Weeks have passed by. Neither there is any considerable improvement in your web traffic nor there were sales leads which you had hoped for. So, what would be the next step? Well, in this case, you should try to understand what part of SEO strategy is not working? For this, you must look for SEO consultants. Like any other consultants in other fields, they devise strategies for the SEO marketing in your company. Through, SEO consulting Michigan, your website can get tangible results in SEO ranking and overall digital marketing. A lot of businesses have hired their services to redesign their SEO strategies.


Consultants usually have several years of experience in SEO and hence are able to understand the unique challenges which a particular company is facing. The consultants do not work on a day to day operations. What they do is much more holistic and encompassing the entire industry. They can design strategies that can be implemented in the entire digital plan, tell techniques to improve and also teach few techniques to the team member of the SEO agency. This can really help in improving the overall plan. The Michigan SEO consultants can help in giving customized solution which will be unique to that particular company. They will train in the unique SEO strategies which otherwise is not usually available in the market.


When you hire SEO consulting services, they first will understand your website’s On page and Off page optimization. They will look at link building activities and also study the competition of that particular website. Studying the competition websites gives an overview of what the industry trends are and how can your website can be improved.



The first step in any consultancy is to understand the challenges of that particular company. This can be understood by analyzing the websites and the SEO pattern. This will give the developments of that particular industry. These trends can help in knowing which keywords of that particular industry are quite popular on the web today.



This is perhaps the most important step of the SEO consulting. This step is in creating keyword through a deep analysis of the industry and websites. Keywords are not just created on websites trends only but user behavior and thorough research. They will also review the Meta tags and suggest recommendations.



SEO consultants analyze the competition websites and their keywords. By studying the competitor’s websites, the SEO consultants get an idea of the kind of budget their competitors are spending on SEO and what marketing techniques they are using to get more traffic on their websites.



Once, everything is studied in detail, then the consultants formulate the strategy for the SEO operations. This is done for a long- term vision of not just generating traffic or awareness for one or two months but for at least three years. This is because though short- term gains are good, they cannot help in creating high revenue and a sustainable target audience. These techniques would need specialized skill set. So, they will also train the SEO staff for these techniques to move ahead in the SEO marketing. The SEO consultant will oversee the strategies being implemented in the website.



There are various software which are used in the SEO industry. These software help in improving the SEO ranking.So,they will help in installing the software which they think will be the best fit for the website on the basis of budget and resources.



How quickly the website loads can determine the SEO rankings. If the website is slow to load,then it will not have a high rank. So,a consultant will help in restructuring the website in such a way, that it becomes much more ‘lighter’ so that the end user is able to load the website quickly and easily.



Link building is an important aspect of the SEO of the website. So, the consultants will also check what back links are created. Are these back links of any good use or are they harmful for the websites? They will weed out the harmful backlinks. After removing harmful back-links, they will design back-links which are helpful in long term. They do so by conceptualizing ,very authentic and creative content for the websites. By doing this,more and more back-links will be attached to the clients’ websites.


These are some of the things that the consultants will do to improve SEO ranking in the long run. The payment terms for the consultants usually depend on clients. Some clients appoint consultants on a retainer basis whereas few hire them on a project basis .

SEO Michigan Services has an excellent and experienced team of SEO consultants. They are one of the best in Michigan. They are extremely professional. They will make sure that they deliver quality work. They do this in a time span which is committed to the clients. We have clients who span from all the industries . We don’t believe that any client is less important . We pay attention to all our clients and hence most of the clients that we have worked with us, have stayed with us till now . We also believe we are affordable .We can work on any budget and give desired results to the clients


To understand how SEO consulting works or any other queries ,please contact us .We will get back to you at the earliest.


Servicing Michigan and beyond.

Offices in St .Clair County MI.





Address: P.O. Box #143 Lakeville, MI 48366





EST. 2011

A digital studio crafting beautiful experiences.


We’ve been crafting beautiful websites, launching stunning brands and making clients happy for years. With our prestigious craftsmanship, remarkable client care and passion for design.



 A digital agency dedicated to creating cutting-edge websites.


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